The John Hopkins – School of Nursing

The John Hopkins – School of Nursing

The John Hopkins School of Nursing is renowned for being ranked 2nd by the US News and World Report for their Community Health Nursing Programs and 6th for their superior Graduate Programs.
The school’s excellence in the academics, and research and practice produce competitive students/alumni 95% of which baccalaureate graduates pass the NCLEX the first time taken, while also being a home to country’s very first Peace Corps Fellows Program in nursing. The faculty of the John Hopkins School of Nursing itself displays the school’s credibility having 49% of their ranked faculty as Fellows in the American Academy of Nursing.
The entire team of the John Hopkins School of Nursing are dedicated in offering quality academics in their 2-year+13 ½ month accelerated Baccalaureate Programs, MSN, MSN/MPH, MSN/MBA, MSN/MPH – NP option Master’s Programs, and Hopkins Business of Nursing, Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner, and Post-Master’s Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Response Certificate Programs.
In addition, the school’s research offer Interdisciplinary Fellowship research on violence, pain, and health disparities in underserved populations, and also researches focused on cardiovascular health prevention and risk reduction, care at end of life, community-based health promotion, health disparities, interpersonal violence, maternal-child health, psychoneuroimmunology, and symptom management areas. The renowned faculty of the John Hopkins School of Nursing also serve interdisciplinary and international student research opportunities well deserving them of their 8th ranking among nursing schools for NIH funding receiving approximately $7million per year in  research funding.
Being an integrated advanced system in information technology through their EclipSys-partnership, and the only campus where all 3 top-ranked schools of nursing, medicine, and public health are adjacent to one another, and also within reach of becoming of the U.S. News & World Report’s No.1 hospital, the John Hopkins School return their thanks through unrequited service. The John Hopkins School of Nursing has 4clinics reaching out to unrepresented communities giving over 12,000 volunteer hours annually, conducting 40 different community-based service programs, coordinating and supporting international activities (Office of Global Nursing which opened in Fall 2005), and formally collaborating with nursing institutions in 9 different countries.

The strategic initiatives of the John Hopkins School of Nursing activities basically revolves around a commitment not only to achieve their school’s planned growth that is strategically driven, innovative, and financially stable and position Johns Hopkins Nursing as a global leader in nursing and health care, but more importantly to cultivate an environment that embodies the School of Nursing’s values for excellence, respect, diversity, integrity, and accountability and enhancing excellence in teaching, research and practice in the nursing profession. To provide leadership to improve health care and advance the nursing profession through education, research, practice, and service – that’s the John Hopkins.

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