Saw Palmetto Overdose

Saw Palmetto Overdose

The popularity of Saw Palmetto as an effective initial treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH has resulted to its widespread use, particularly in Europe. The use of Saw Palmetto for treating symptoms of BPH in European countries such as Germany and Italy has been through recommendations of urologists; this has been backed up by controlled scientific investigation that have shown the efficacy of Saw Palmetto. In the US however, its use has not been as extensive and it has been marketed as a “dietary supplement”; dietary supplements in the US are not “regulated”.

The use of the product through self-diagnosis is not amenable, and it is always advisable to discuss the matter with a health care provider for whatever purpose one wants to use the product. Although there have not been reported cases of Saw Palmetto overdose, its administration should be through a doctor, for proper dosage and instructions. The risk of Saw Palmetto overdose may be greater for those who are taking the product without proper advice by a physician or taking the product in abusive dosage to strengthen or hasten its effects.

To avoid Saw Palmetto overdose or other health risks, it is essential that one informs his or her doctor if they have the following conditions: breast cancer, prostate cancer, or any other disease or disorder related to sex-hormones. Taking Saw Palmetto if one has any of these conditions may be dangerous as the product affects hormonal levels in the body. Keep in mind that Saw Palmetto has not been FDA evaluated for effectiveness, purity, and safety, and so all possible risks and/or advantages of the product, including how Saw Palmetto overdose can occur, may not be identified.

Saw Palmetto usage in the traditional and cultural settings may vary from accepted concepts of present Western medicine. If considering the use of this herbal supplement, consulting a primary health care expert is advisable. In addition, consulting a practitioner skilled in the uses of health/herbal supplements can be beneficial, as well as coordinating the treatment among every health care provider involved, is much advantageous.

If decided on taking Saw Palmetto, using the product as directed on its package or as instructed by the doctor or pharmacist is very essential to avoid Saw Palmetto overdose and health risks. If by any chance, one experiences Saw Palmetto overdose (no reported symptoms yet), seeking emergency medical attention should be the first step. Like any other medication taken, avoiding its overdose is always through following the recommended dosage and most importantly as advised by the doctor.

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