How To Compare Low Cost Long Term Care Insurance In Oregon

How To Compare Low Cost Long Term Care Insurance In Oregon

Long term care insurance is probably the last type of insurance any of us want to think about, yet according to statistics from the state of Oregon’s Department of Insurance, just about half of all Oregon citizens will require some form of long term health care at some point in their life.

Long term care refers to any type of on-going assistance required for the normal chores of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, toilet functions, preparing and eating meals, walking, and other assorted functions.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that Medicare or Medicaid will take care of all of your long term heath care requirements after you hit the magical 65, because the truth of the matter is, Medicare pays for almost no long term health care whatsoever, and Oregon’s Medicaid program pays for only a limited amount and will offer you no choice about the facility where you will possibly need to spend the last years of your life.

Finding low cost long term care insurance here in Oregon can be complicated due to the fact that so many factors must be weighed when designing a plan: do you want the plan to cover nursing home care or in-home care, what caps will the insurance have, what elimination period (deductible) can you afford, do you need built-in inflation protection, plus a myriad of other questions.

However, before you talk to an insurance specialist about low cost long term care insurance it would be a good idea to go online and at least begin to compare long term care plans on one of the many sites which allow for such comparisons. By making your own preliminary comparison of low cost long term care insurance in Oregon you will be better prepared to ask the tough questions that need answers before you make the commitment for an insurance policy that may very well determine the quality of at least a portion of your future life.

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