Different Types of Nursing Careers

Different Types of Nursing Careers

Have you been toying with the idea of pursuing a career in the field of nursing? If you have, that is considered good news since there is a desperate need for nurses to fill in the significant shortage in the nursing profession. To help you decide what specialization to choose, you should know the different types of nursing careers.

Critical Care Nursing – among the different types of nursing career, this is a popular one. Critical care nurses provide care for patients and families who are experiencing actual or potential life-threatening illness. As a critical care nurse, you will be assigned to where critically ill patients are such as intensive care units (ICU), emergency rooms, neurological and cardiac surgical ICUs.

Nursing Informatics– this type of nursing career is for those people who both love to provide care and computers. It is actually an extensive field that integrates nursing knowledge with use of computers. Your job in this field could be a nurse programmer, nurse communicator, informatics nurse manager, or nurse vendor representative.

Neonatal Nursing – this is also one of the challenging yet rewarding types of nursing, where in neonatal nurses provide care for new-born and premature babies by ensuring good health, providing preventative care to prevent illness, and caring for the babies who are sick.

Oncology Nursing – nurses in the field of oncology provide health care for patients suffering from cancer at all stages of treatment and remission.

Pediatric Nursing – pediatric nurses provide care for children of different ages in all aspects of health care. Its only difference from neonatal is that neonatal nurses provide care for the newly born, especially within the first month after birth and premature babies.

Psychiatric Nursing – this is one of the most important types of nursing as it involves taking care of patients with mental and psychiatric illness. In a society in which physical condition is easier to accept than mental condition, psychiatric nurse plays an important role on this are of nursing.

By knowing some of the different types of nursing careers will make it easier for you to choose what specialization to focus and study. There are different nursing programs offered by some of the many nursing schools in the country for you take up, depending on your preferred specialization. The fact that there is a shortage of nurses all over the country, you certainly have a good shot getting a job upon graduation.

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