Amazing Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is fast becoming one of the most popular drinks in the world. Tea tastes excellent, and it is a very versatile drink, but it is also extremely healthy for you as well. Many people understand the health benefits of tea, including Chinese cultures, Japanese cultures, Europeans, Taiwanese and African cultures. Health conscious citizens in America are just now beginning to understand the health benefits of tea, and the fact that drinking tea or consuming tea in other forms can be one of the best things that you can do in order to benefit your body.

Green tea is quickly sweeping the nation, because the health benefits of tea are overwhelming. Green tea is widely known for providing a number of health benefits, including anti aging properties, the elimination of free radicals, weight loss benefits and many other advantages.

Many of the health benefits of tea come from EGCG, which is an extremely powerful natural antioxidant. Antioxidants work to rid your body of harmful free radicals, which can damage the cells in your body, reducing your lifespan and causing other illnesses like cancer. Free radicals are responsible for many of the effects of aging, and the aging process can therefore be slowed down by EGCG and tea. The EGCG in your tea can also help speed up your metabolism, giving you a better sense of well being and making it easier for you to lose weight and remain healthy over time.

Because of the health benefits of tea, there is no greater health drink that you can consume not only to keep you healthy but also prevent and cure some illnesses. Green tea comes from the same plant as other teas, like black and Oolong teas for example. Green tea is different however, because it does not undergo the fermentation process and therefore still contains the EGCG. The benefits of green tea include weight loss, fighting bacteria, fighting infection, preventing tooth decay, repairing your immune system, fighting free radicals and preventing cardiovascular disease.

Green tea, because it is not fermented like Oolong tea, black tea and other forms of tea, offers more health benefits that other forms of tea cannot offer. All forms of tea offer their own unique set of health benefits, so drinking any tea will be beneficial to your health and well being. Black tea, for example, contributes to reducing bad cholesterol and has been linked to healing blood cells. Black tea also contributes to good heart health. Oolong, which is only partially fermented, offers a mix of the benefits associated with green tea and those associated with black tea.

Black tea, Oolong tea and green tea all offer benefits, which make them an excellent addition to your diet. If you can incorporate tea into your diet on a daily basis, then you can benefit long term from the antioxidants that these forms of tea are rich in. The health benefits of tea are numerous, and make it well worth adding to your diet if you want to maintain good health for a long time.

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