Personal Care of Health After Delivery

Personal Care of Health After Delivery

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful thing a
woman can experience and one of the most painful
indeed (well, next to divorce if you consider that
painful). But the moment the baby arrives, you will
feel a certain kind of happiness not even marriage can
capture. This should not be the reason to be carried
away and ignore important details after delivery.
Remember, personal health care is essential to keep
the mother and baby safe from any kind of illness or

True, you should give every ounce of your attention to
your newborn baby but, this doesn’t mean that you have
to compromise your health in the process. Here are
some tips on how to take care of yourself even after
you have been discharged from the hospital.


Giving birth can be quite exhausting. Give yourself
time to rest. You can allot even a couple of weeks for
you alone. If possible, do not let visitors in because
this will add up to the exhaustion. If your baby is
sleeping, grab that opportunity to take a quick nap.
Let your husband do the chores for the meantime.

Lifting precautions

As much as possible, lifting is prohibited but the
baby’s an exception. You are not allowed to lift
something that’s heavier than your baby’s weight. This
may add certain injuries especially if you just went
out of the hospital or a surgical cut were performed
either on your perineum or abdomen.

Ask for help

Help after giving birth is gladly given by the family,
relatives and friends. Let the people close to you
know that you need their presence to get through tough
starting times especially if your husband’s at work.
Simple chores like cooking, doing the laundry or
babysitting can be done easily if you only ask for a
little help. Surely, these people won’t hesitate.

Stay clean

Always wash your hands after doing something to
decrease the risk of infection that can be passed on
to your baby. Do this very often especially after
visiting the John, feeding your baby or changing his


If you’re given by the doctor vitamins to recondition
your health, never try to discontinue it unless the
doctor says so. Pre-natal vitamins are very important
especially the ones containing supplementary iron.

Healthy diet

It is always advisable to eat healthy because it will
equate on living healthy. Discontinue any bad habits
that you have before. Refrain from eating or drinking
food rich in caffeine and alcohol. Your diet can also
affect your baby’s health especially if you’re


As what anybody is advised to do, drink at least 8
glasses of water everyday. You can also include milk
and juice in your meals.


Strenuous activities aren’t really advisable.
Moderately, start with a simple walk around your
neighborhood will do. Exercise can strengthen your
body’s performance and keep you physically fit.

Visit your physician

This should be done right after a week of delivery.
Always make an appointment to visit your obstetrician
to know your present condition and what are the things
that your still need to do or not to do.

Personal care of your health especially after
pregnancy is very crucial for a mother and child
relationship to flourish into one healthy image.

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